Year 7

Welcome to University Academy Kidsgrove Year 7 page

Year 7 Head of Learning: Mr Birchall

Year 7 Learning Coach: Mrs Garwood

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Important information for parents regarding an increase in the cases of Measles – please CLICK HERE

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New e-bullying support email, for advice and support email:

Free online e-safety training for parents is available at

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Exams Assembly Important notes about exam rules

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Under Twenties Bus Travel Discount With the ‘Your Staffordshire Card’

If you are under twenty and live in Staffordshire, Staffordshire County Council can offer you a card which will allow you to travel for just £1 on any bus journey which starts or ends in the county. That’s a really cheap bus trip to see your mates, get to school or college or just to get out and go places.

Interested? Click here to find out more.

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Year 7 Charities

Students wanted to donate money to a charity for animals and have decided on the Dogs Trust as their chosen charity. Students debated which dog to adopt within their form groups and then took this to a meeting of the student council to agree upon a dog!

Year 7: Bertie from Salisbury

Age: 8 Yearspx235bertie5

Gender: I’m a boy

Breed: English Springer Spaniel

About me: I’m sorry you can’t visit me because I’m nervous of people I don’t know. I’m a fun-loving dog who likes getting up to a bit of mischief whenever possible! I love a game of football with my doggy pals too!

Update December 2013: I’m an expert now at digging holes (and getting muddy) and I’ve got my best buddies, Perry and TJ doing it too! The other day we combined forces and dug one humongous hole by the fence and then Annie, our carer, started filling it in as quickly as we were digging. It was a great game! Two new doggy friends joined us recently from Shoreham. I’m a friendly dog so I knew we’d get on. Their names are Kala and Teddy, and I’m just about to show them how to dig holes!