Year 8


Welcome to University Academy Kidsgrove Year 8 page

Year 8 Head of Learning: Mrs Wilson

Year 8 Learning Coach: Mrs Garwood

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Important information for parents regarding an increase in the cases of Measles – please CLICK HERE

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New e-bullying support email, for advice and support email:

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Exams Assembly Important notes about exam rules

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Under Twenties Bus Travel Discount With the ‘Your Staffordshire Card’

If you are under twenty and live in Staffordshire Staffordshire County Council can offer you a card which will allow you to travel for just £1 on any bus journey which starts or ends in the county. That’s a really cheap bus trip to see your mates, get to school or college or just to get out and go places.

Interested? Click here to find out more.

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Year 8 Charities

Students wanted to donate money to a charity for animals and have decided on the Dogs Trust as their chosen charity. Students debated which dog to adopt within their form groups and then took this to a meeting of the student council to agree upon a dog!

Year 8: Samuel from Bridgend

Age: 3 Yearspx235samuelp51

Gender: I’m a boy

Breed: Springer Spaniel

About me: I’m a friendly boy with a super waggy tail. Tennis balls are my favourite and I always take one with me when I go on my walkies – they’re sooo much fun!

Update December 2013: It might be pretty cold outside but I still love my trips to the beach. My carer, Kim, brings her own dogs along, Maddie and Flea, and we have heaps of fun. I always make sure to take my tennis ball, so we can play ‘fetch’ on the sand! Winter is one of my favourite seasons because I love the snow – and like the sand it’s great fun to run in too! As a true Springer, I’m always sniffing the ground for toys, but when the grass is covered in sparkling white snow, my toys are a lot more difficult to find.

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