Young engineers ‘gear up’ to manufacture their own electric powered race car

Pupils from University Primary Academy Kidsgrove (UPAK) are gearing themselves up to work with students at University Academy Kidsgrove (UAK) on a project to design, engineer and manufacture their own electric powered race car.
Teams from Year 3 to Year 6 in UPAK have been working alongside Year 11 students at UAK to construct a single seat race car which will be electrically powered as part of the Green Power Scheme.
The project aims to enable children to develop their STEM skills through the application of Design Technology, Mathematics and Science into a physical artefact. The project has given both boys and girls a chance to work and learn together in teams, through the excitement of motorsport and STEM. The children work on the project every Thursday after school as part of their extra-curricular activities. A range of year groups and mixed abilities have been working together to apply their skills and knowledge to a real life situation.
Mr McCue, Teacher at University Primary Academy Kidsgrove said: “The children have really worked hard to develop the car. They are working with Year 11 ambassadors from UAK in small assembly teams to develop their own part of the project. The chassis team completed their construction last lesson and now the steering, electrical and drivetrain teams are attaching their parts. It has been really exciting seeing the car take shape ready for the summer race season.”
Rick P, Year 5 pupil said: “I am really enjoying building the car. I started the car from the very beginning and I am happy to see it so close to being ready to drive.”
Taylor B, another Year 5 pupil added: “I like to make things. I like being able to use maths by making things work. I think I learn more when I can do things instead.”
The children aim to complete the project in time for the Summer racing season.