Youth Parliament Election Results

The Year 7 election results for the Kidsgrove Youth Parliament representatives were announced on Friday 30 September 2011. Ryan Jacques (7MJL) was the winner with Teri-Marie Smith (7DP) as his deputy. They are pictured below with Councillor Reg Bailey, Consort to the Mayor of Kidsgrove, and Councillor Paul Clisby.

Representatives for other year groups are:

Councillor Leanne Pepper (8JS), Deputy Charles Sewell (8JS)

Councillor Thomas Marriott (9SP), Deputy Nathan Scott (9SIA)

Councillor Olivia Knight (10EP), Deputy Dario Hopley (10GR)

Councillor Angelina Cliff (11LH), Deputy Andrew Shaw (11IN)

Year 7 students have been very busy during the first half term. They have been finding out how to run an election campaign with the support of Mrs Roscoe (Assistant Head) and members of the Town Councillors; who have been giving students their ideas and suggestions . The whole process had been managed with the support and commitment of the Town Council in partnership with Maryhill. The students of Kidsgrove have a voice within the Town Council and a commitment for this to be heard.