Youth Parliament Elections

Maryhill High School is involved in electing a Kidsgrove Youth Parliament member and a Deputy from each year group. Councillor Kyle Robinson the Major, Councillor Dave Stringer Town Councillor for Ravenscliffe and Chair of the Kidsgrove Youth Parliament Steering Committee, Councillor Margaret Astle Borough Councillor for Kidsgrove, Councillor Reg Bailey Borough Councillor for Kidsgrove and Mayor’s Consort and Councillor Matthew Banner Town Councillor for Talke attended the school for an assembly to each year group, outlining this exciting and new opportunity. Throughout this process students will benefit from our town councillors who will share with students how to become nominated, run a campaign and go through the whole election process. Kidsgrove Town Council have been instrumental in setting up this inspired opportunity. They are very keen to listen to the young people of Kidsgrove and to make sure young people feel included in the democratic process.